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Maya answers your questions
Q: Do you sometimes forget what language you're speaking? Like, when you're talking with your friends, do you sometimes speak in Spanish when you are trying to tell them something? — Solora, 13, New York

Hola, Solora! That’s an interesting question! No, I actually don’t get the two languages mixed up. I guess I’m just really used to speaking English with my friends at school and in the neighborhood.

Q: Have you ever eaten sushi? — Chantal, 9

Yes! I ate sushi for the first time last year! I didn’t think I would like eating raw fish wrapped up in rice, but Abuela always tells me that it’s important to try new foods. Mami and Papi took us to a Japanese restaurant as a special treat, and I had salmon and avocado sushi – yum! It was also fun to eat with chopsticks!

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