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Maggie answers your questions
Q: dear MAGGIE, how do you like maya's ideas that usually make lots of messes — Michelle, 10, Texas

Maggie: Dear Michelle, you’re right. Sometimes Maya’s ideas don’t turn out how she expected. Even though she doesn’t always think things through, I feel lucky to have a friend who is always trying to come up with new ways to help people. Even if sometimes her plan doesn’t work, I know Maya has the best intentions and that’s why she’s a great friend!

Q: Maggie my name is Vanesa nice to meet you what is your favorite color your favorite outfit and how do you like to dress yourself? — Vanesa, 8, Mexico

Maggie: Hi Vanesa! Thanks for your questions. My favorite colors are red and yellow and I love my red shirt. Also, I love my red earrings. I think they are really pretty. What is your style, Vanesa?

Q: Hi Maggie I would like to know if you like Puerto Rican food as much as I like Chinese food — Grisel, 11, Puerto Rico

Maggie: Dear Grisel, I’m happy you like Chinese food as much as I do! I love Puerto Rican food, too, especially carne asada. I love to try different types of food like the Mexican food that I ate in the Santos family’s house. It was delicious!
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