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Maggie answers your questions
Q: Maggie I wonder what do you think I should be when I grow up a chef or an architect because I love to cook and I love math because you know an architect is all about math. I'm really not sure what do you think? — Yenny, 10, Texas

Maggie: I think they both sound like great ideas, Yenny! Maybe you could be an architect who makes kitchens!

Q: Dear Maggie, How do you say yum in Chinese? — Alexa, 8, UNITED STATES

Maggie: In Mandarin Chinese, to say “yummy,” you could say: "Zhen Xiang" (which means, “really yummy”). It almost sounds like "Chen Shiang." Did you know that in Chinese, this really means “fragrant”? Isn’t that cool?

Q: Dear Maggie, What's your favorite book? And why? — Taylor, 9, Missouri

Maggie: I can’t pick just one favorite book, but I’ve been reading a lot of cool mysteries lately. I just finished a great story about a ten-year-old girl who lived in New York City a hundred years ago. I had fun imagining what it would have been like to live way back then!

Q: Do you like Mexican food or food from China? — Erica, 11, Mexico

Maggie: I like both! My grandmother makes really yummy Chinese food that she learned to make from her mother. And sometimes I eat over at Maya’s, and her mother and grandmother cook awesome Mexican food. Mexican food and Chinese food are very different, but I like them both.

Q: Is Maggie your nickname or is it your real name? If it is your nickname what is your real name? — Abigail, 7, Washington

Hi, Abigail! (Does anyone call you Abby?) My full name is Margaret, but no one calls me that except my grandmother (sometimes) and my mom (when I’m in trouble!). My parents started calling me Maggie when I was a baby, and the name stuck!

Q: Do you have many friends and have you traveled to Mexico? — Ana, 9

: I am lucky to have lots of friends in the neighborhood and at school. I haven’t ever been to Mexico, but I definitely want to visit someday. For now, Maya’s grandma shows us pictures of Mexico (where she is from) and tells us fun stories about living there.

Q: How do you say hello in chinese? — Estrella, 13, Texas

Hi Estrella. Good question. Hello in Mandarin Chinese is ni hao (you say it like ‘Knee How’) And to say goodbye is Zai Jain (like Zay Je-an) Now you’re on your way to learning a new language. How exciting!

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