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Maggie answers your questions
Q: I am very sick, so I can't do much. I hate just sitting around at home all day. what are some things I can do at home while I am sick? — Claire, 9, Michigan

Maggie: Dear Claire, I’m so sorry that you’re not feeling well! There’s tons of great stuff you can do at home until you feel better. You can write a story and draw some pictures to go with it, you can make a scrapbook so that you can remember lots of fun times with your family and friends, or you could even make some jewelry by putting some pretty beads on a string and tying the ends together. I hope you get better soon!

Q: can you help me decide how I can be just like you because you are pretty,smart,you’re a really good friend. how can I be like this? — Alma L., 11, MEXICO

Maggie: Dear Alma, Aw, thanks! That’s a really sweet email! I try to get smarter by reading a little bit everyday, doing my homework, and paying attention when people teach me things. And I really try hard to be a good friend — but it’s not always easy! Before I do something or say something, I try to think about how it will make the other person feel. I always try to treat people the same way I would like to be treated.

Q: What is your favorite animal, where do you live, and if you have brothers, please tell me because my mother is looking for a name for my little brother who will be born in 3 months. — Ashley Ann, 12, Puerto Rico

Maggie: Dear Ashley Ann, Right now, my favorite animal is a kitten (I think that’s because I’ve been playing a lot with Chrissy’s cat!). I live in the United States. I don’t have any brothers — just an older sister. Wow, that’s exciting that you’re going to have a little brother! You’re so lucky! You need a name, huh? How about Miguel or Andy or Theo...?

Q: Do you like to play an instrument, I play the piano. — Natalia, 9, Puerto Rico

Maggie: Dear Natalia, I play the piano too! I’ve been playing since I was really little. I’d like to learn how to play the saxophone someday — I think it sounds so cool!

Q: What do you put in your locker? — Alena, 11, Iowa

I have books in my locker (of course!), and I hang my jacket there in the morning.  But I also decorated the inside with pictures of my family and my friends (I have a really funny picture of Maya, Chrissy and me on Halloween!).  I also have an extra little brush (my hair sometimes looks crazy after recess!) and a cute pink umbrella that my mom gave me (just in case I get caught in the rain!).  What do you put in your locker?

Q: What is your favorite dinosaur, and why? — Derek, 8, Illinois

Hi, Derek!  What a great question!  My grandfather gave me a book about dinosaurs for my birthday so I’ve read about them all, but I think the Triceratops is my favorite.  Guess what?  I got to see a Triceratops skeleton at the American Museum of Natural History in New York last year!  It was soooo cool.  Did you know that the Triceratops had three horns (two near the top of its head and one near its nose)?  And did you know that the Triceratops lived around 65 to 68 million years ago?  Now that’s a long time ago!

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