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Maggie answers your questions
Q: Do you know a lot about diffrent countries? — Kaytlin, 10, New Mexico

Dear Kaytlin, I’m learning more and more about different countries all the time. Maya’s mom and her abuela have told me some really interesting things about Mexico, where they are from. And Chrissy’s family always has great stories about the Dominican Republic. And ever since I was little, my grandmother has told me tons about China, where she grew up. Someday I hope to visit all of those countries!

Q: If you had three wishes, what would they be, and why? — Cande, 11, UNITED STATES

Dear Cande, If I had three wishes, I’d wish for a kitten for my birthday (maybe one just like Chrissy’s!). Then I’d wish that everyone in the world would be nice to each other and get along. And finally…I’d wish for three more wishes!

Q: Have you been to Panama? — Tuti, 9

No, I’ve never been to Panama, but my dad went there for work a few years ago and brought back some pictures to show us what it looks like. I’d really like to go there someday to see it for myself. My list of places to visit is very long now – Panama, France, Egypt, Italy, New Jersey…

Q: Dear Maggie, I need some tips on studying for upcoming tests. What shall I do if I don't know anything that will be on the test? — Miranda, 12, Pennsylvania

When I need help getting ready for a test, I sometimes talk to my teacher. Your teacher might be able to give you some good tips for studying. Other grownups can help you too – like when I have a question about science, I go right to my mom because she’s so good at it. And sometimes it helps to study with friends – the more brain-power, the better!

Q: Hi Maggie! I wanted to know if there are really dolphins in Hong Kong, I love Hong Kong do you think one day I’ll be able to visit it? — Brenda, 12, Puerto Rico

Dear Brenda, Believe it or not, there really are dolphins off the coast of Hong Kong! They’re called Chinese White Dolphins. I read in a book that there are about 180 of them living in the water near Hong Kong. They are beautiful animals — I saw them on TV and my dad helped me find a picture of them on the internet. I’m sure if you want to go to Hong Kong some day, you’ll go. I keep a big long list of places I hope to visit someday!

Q: do you wish that you could grow up and do you get scared and what are you scared of? — Katherine, 7, United States

Dear Katherine, Sometime I wish that I could be a teenager or even a grownup right away. It’s not easy being the little sister in the house! Sure, I get scared sometimes. My uncle has a really big dog, and even though I know that he’s friendly, I’m a little scared of him. Maybe one day soon, the dog and I will be great friends, but I’m not sure right now.

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