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Chrissy answers your questions
Q: Dear Chrissy I just got a new dog, and he always barks at me he seems like he doesn't like me what should I do? — Brook, 9, New York

Chrissy: Dear Brook, it sounds like your dog is just nervous in his new home. I know from hanging out in the Santos’ store that some of the animals are nervous to go to a new place. I think if you are patient and gentle with your new dog, he won’t be nervous and will be happy in his new home!

Q: dear chrissy my biggest fear is heights and I wanted to know what is your biggest fear? — Donisha W., 8, Ohio

Chrissy: Hi Donisha! Heights can be very scary. My biggest fear? I really don’t like spiders. Even though I like most other animals, spiders give me the creeps, especially big ones and tarantulas!

Q: Do you like to go to school? — Azuleja, 10, United States

Chrissy: Yes, I like to go to school because I like learning new things. Did you know that horses sleep standing up? It’s something that I learned in science class. Also, I like to go to school because I can talk with my best friends. We have so much fun together!

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