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Chrissy answers your questions
Q: My 3 year old sister dresses up in princess dresses every day. She thinks she is a real princess, but she's not. How do I get her to stop dressing up all of the time? — Ava, 5, Pennsylvania

Chrissy: Dear Ava, Most 3 year olds I know love to dress up! My little cousin puts on a crown and a sparkly dress and thinks she is a real princess too! I don’t think you should really stop her if that’s what she likes to do for fun… Have you ever tried playing Princess with her? You might have a good time!

Q: I have to friends just like you but one calls me to study with her but the other calls me for the same thing and I don’t know what to do. — Iliani, 11, Michigan

Chrissy: Dear Iliana: I have a great idea! Why don’t you all study together?! It’s much more fun to study with a group of friends. I’ll bet the three of you could really help each other out! Good luck!

Q: Hi Chrissy. I was wondering when you have problems with Maya do you guys stop being friends or handle your problem or continue with your friendship? — Takia, 11, Alabama

Chrissy: Dear Takia, Maya and I don’t fight a lot, but when we do, we sometimes stop being friends for maybe a day. The fight doesn’t last very long — we talk to each other about what made us angry, we figure out what we’re going to do, and then we continue being friends — the best of friends!

Q: Hola Chrissy, what is your most favorite thing to do with your friends? — Natalia, 9, Florida

Chrissy: Dear Natalia, Maya, Maggie and I like to listen to music or do different kinds of art projects together. Right now, we’re making a scrapbook of all the fun things we did together this summer!

Q: How do I get people to buy some lemonade because my friend and my sister and me are trying to make a lemonade stand? — Melissa, 9, Illinois

 How about making a great big sign in a bright color that you can put in front of the lemonade stand? You can say what you’re selling and how much you’re charging. I think that’s the best way to let all of your friends and neighbors know that you are in business! People driving by may even stop for a drink. I’d buy some lemonade from you!

Q: Hi Chrissy, I would like to ask you how I can make something very special for the birthday of my mom and dad. — Linet, 10

Hi, Linet! Making a gift for your parents is such a great idea! How about a making a scrapbook full of things from places you’ve visited with your family? Or maybe put together a photo album with pictures from a trip, or maybe you can ask someone else in your family to help you find pictures of your parents from when they were little. Or maybe even write a few short stories for them and draw some pictures to go with it. Good luck!

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