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Chrissy answers your questions
Q: If you could learn another language.. what would it be....*mine would be Italian* — Carly, Hawaii

Dear Carly, I’d really like to learn Mandarin. Maggie and her family speak Mandarin, so she’s teaching me a few words to get started. If I keep practicing and practicing, maybe someday I’ll speak it fluently!

Q: In what country would you like to have been born? — Sharon,14

Dear Sharon, I love that I am from the United States, but I also think it would be exciting to have been born in the Dominican Republic, where my family is from. My parents and my Abuela tell me stories about the Dominican Republic, and I think it would have been fun to grow up there too.

Q: hi chrissy, i see that you like animals but do you like insects? — lydia, 10

Dear Lydia, I love all animals! Well, except spiders. And worms too, I guess – I don’t really like worms either. And mosquitoes can be a little annoying. And flies are no fun. And sometimes bees can sting. Wait! But I do like caterpillars – did you know that they turn into butterflies?!? That’s so cool!

Q: How do you celebrate Christmas in your country? — Chayrivette, 9, PUERTO RICO

Dear Chayrivette, I live in the United States, but since my family is from the Dominican Republic, we still keep some of the traditions my parents and my Abuela had when they were growing up. We have a big celebration on Christmas Eve with my whole family, and we wait to give gifts until El Día de los Reyes (Kings’ Day) on January 6th. My Abuela also makes the most awesome roast pig for dinner – something her mother used to make too!

Q: Hi Chrissy I wanted to ask you how to get my friends together and form a band dancing and singing because it’s my hobby and I love to dance and sing. — Agustina, 11

Dear Agustina, Maybe you could start by asking a few friends what instruments they like to play, and whether they like to dance or sing. Once you know what everyone wants to do in the band, then you can pick a song to perform together. You can make up a little dance routine to go with it, and maybe even make some costumes together!

Q: I want to have a pajama party if you’ve ever had one tell me who did you invite where were they from and these types of things and how do they tell you yes. — Noely, 9, Mexico

Dear Noely, I had a pajama party when I turned 9! It was so much fun! Maya and Maggie were there, and a few other girls from school. My mom and I made up some cute invitations on the computer, and I gave them out to everyone. The girls told me at school if they could come, but their parents also called my mom and dad to tell them that it was okay.

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