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Chrissy answers your questions
Q: you are very preety would you ever be a model someday if someone asked you. — Farrah, 9, Mexico

Chrissy: Dear Farrah, Thank you so much for thinking that I’m pretty. Modeling would be fun, but it’s not my thing. Maybe I would do it for a little while, if someone asked me, but I like to play with and take care of animals mostly. I’d rather do that any day than modeling.

Q: Chrissy it is sooo cool that you want to be a vet so do I but did you ever think of being like a zoo animal keeper or some kind of animal keeper instead of being a vet? — Marilyn, 11, Texas

Chrissy:  Dear Marilyn, Thanks for the great suggestion!  I have never thought about being a zookeeper.  Listen to this though, how cool would it be to be a vet at a zoo!  Then I could take care of BIG animals like lions, giraffes, and elephants.  Thanks again, Marilyn!

Q: Dear Chrissy, I have a cat and my mom wants me to take her to the vet, but it hasn’t even been 2 days since the last time we took her and she wants to take her again — Brenda, 10, Puerto Rico

Chrissy: Dear Brenda, I know it’s hard to take your cat to the vet, especially when she doesn’t want to go, but the vet will help to keep her healthy. I’m sure your mom has a good reason for wanting to take her to the vet again, even if it is just to make sure your kitty is SUPER well!

Q: Dear Chrissy, What’s your favorite recipe? — Gabriela, 7, Puerto Rico

Chrissy: My favorite recipe is for Locrío de Camarones, a rice and shrimp dish from the Dominican Republic. My grandmother has a secret recipe that she shared with me. It’s so yummy!

Q: Hi Chrissy, I want to know if it is fun being an artist. — Celina, 9, Texas

Dear Celina, It’s a lot of fun! Anyone can be an artist – all it takes is a little creativity and imagination! I like to draw and paint, and I even once took a pottery class at the community center. I also make all kinds of arts and crafts projects. It’s even more fun when I do these things with Maggie and Maya!


Dear Sarah, My grandmother has a top secret recipe for black bean soup that her mother taught her how to make when she was growing up in the Dominican Republic. No one knows the exact list of ingredients, but she promised to show me how to make it when I’m a little older. Abuela’s black bean soup is one of my very favorite foods ever! I’ve tasted black bean soup in restaurants and other people’s homes, but hers is the best – I think it has to do with all of the onions, garlic and special spices she uses. Mmmmmmm!

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