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Chrissy answers your questions
Q: What do you want to be when you grow up? — Libby V., Delaware

Chrissy: I really love animals, so I think I’d like to work with them someday. I could be a veterinarian, or a pet groomer, or maybe own my own pet store like my friend Maya’s parents.

Q: How many people are in your family? — Solange M., New Jersey

Chrissy: Well, I’m an only child, so my immediate family is my mom, my dad and me. But I have tons of aunts and uncles, and lots of cousins. Too many to count!

Q: are you mexican or african american also how old are you. — Kyanna, New Jersey

Hola Kyanna, Thanks for e-mailing me. I'm Afro-Dominican, 10-years-old, and I speak Spanish! Adiós, amiga!

Q: Hey Chrissy! How are you? Well My name Is Brittnee and I'm half african and half El Salvadorian.Its so cool. Well what's your favorite subject in school? I love your part in the show. You are just perfecto girl! Well I got 2 Go but Smooches. — Brittnee, 11, Florida

Chrissy: Dear Brittnee, I’m great! My kitten Yo-Yo is becoming a cat and it’s so exciting to watch her grow. My favorite subject in school right now is science. We’re studying mammals! Did you know cats are mammals?

Q: Hola Chrissy! I’m ten years old and I love animals too! My question is, do you always agree with your friend Maya's plans? — Funmi, 10, Maryland

Chrissy: Dear Funmi, I always try to be supportive of Maya and her plans, but sometimes I want to say to her, “Wait a minute Maya! Slow down!” No matter what, Maya has the best intentions, and in the end we always have fun.

Q: when did you get your ears peirced. — Glory, 9, Virginia

Chrissy: Dear Glory, My parents got my ears pierced when I was born. I didn’t feel a thing. I’m only allowed to wear my little gold hoops though, which is okay, because I LOVE them. They were a gift from my Abuela. I think I’ll be able to wear dangly earrings when I turn thirteen.

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