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Andy answers your questions
Q: Is it hard to play sports with one hand only? — Gina, 9, California

Andy: Hi Gina. I guess it might be easier to play sports with two hands, but since I was born with only one, I don’t know how to do it any other way so it isn’t so hard. Plus I love playing sports so much that I concentrate on the game and not my arm!

Q: Dear Andy, I too was born different. I was born with a "deformed" left hand. I have friends that I have recently made who don't know about my hand. I'm not real public with it. How should I tell my friends the big news? — Austin, 14, North Carolina

Andy: Dear Austin, I know it can be hard when you don’t know if people will accept you for being different. But it sounds like you made some really great friends that like you for who you are, just like Maya, Miguel, and Theo are my friends no matter what! I don’t think they will let your hand get in the way of your friendship either. Remember that you are all friends because of the things you have in common. Good luck!

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