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Andy answers your questions
Q: Dear Andy I lke sports too! Some of my favorites are: soccer, basketball, and baseball. What are some of your favorites? — Bryn, 5, Missouri

Andy:  Hi, Bryn.  Baseball and basketball are my favorites – I’ve been playing them since I was little.  But I really love soccer now too.  Miguel is teaching me all sorts of special moves, and we even play together on the team at the Community Center.

Q: What type of music do you like? — Emely, 13

  I like all kinds of music really.  Rock, Top 40 and hip hop are my favorites, and I listen to them on the radio when I get ready for school in the morning.  But I heard some great music the other day that I’ve never heard before.  Chrissy played a CD of merengue music for us when we were hanging out at her house, and I thought it was really cool – the music is fun and sounds happy.  Did you know that merengue music comes from the Dominican Republic, where Chrissy’s family used to live?

Q: Andy, my friends parents are divorced. What should I do to help her? — Shahd, 7, Florida

Andy: Hi, Shahd. You can just try to be a good buddy. If your friend gets sad sometimes, you could talk to her if she feels like talking. Sometimes just having someone nice to hang out with is helpful. It’s really great of you to ask what you can do to help her.

Q: Where did you live before? — Keesha, 11, PUERTO RICO

Andy: Dear Keesha, My family lived in Wisconsin before we moved to the house we live in now. I liked Wisconsin a lot, but I’m really happy in my new neighborhood because I have such great friends.

Q: Do you have a backyard? — Cassidy, 8, Idaho

I have a small backyard, but mostly I go to play at the neighborhood park down the street. All my friends meet up there for soccer and baseball because the field is huge! We also play basketball at the Community Center, so between those two places, there’s plenty of room to play and hang out with friends.

Q: Dear Andy, you don’t have any brothers or sisters? Would you like to have any? — Denia, 13, Florida

Andy: Hi, Denia! You’re right. I don’t have any brothers or sisters. But I have a ton of cousins, so sometimes it feels like I do have brothers and sisters! When I was little, I thought it would be cool to have an older brother, but now I’m pretty happy that it’s just my parents and me.

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