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Andy answers your questions
Q: What happened to your arm? — Kirk P., Texas

Andy: Great question! Actually, nothing really happened to it. I was just born this way - it’s called a congenital condition. And it doesn’t hurt, and it doesn’t slow me down. Since I’ve been this way since I was born, it’s pretty normal for me. I just sometimes have to do things my own way.

Q: how did you meet Maya and Miguel? — Nina, Wisconsin

Andy: Hi Nina, To answer your question, I moved into Maya and Miguel's neighborhood with my parents.  Maya and Miguel saw the moving van and decided to see who was moving.  They knocked on my door, and we've been friends ever since.

Q: What kinnd of music do you listen to? — Mickale, Texas

Dear Mickale, I like all kinds of music! Sometimes, I play in a band called "The New Kats" with Miguel and Theo, and we play a mix of hip-hop and rock. I'm really into bands that mix styles.

Q: Hi Andy, My name is Dr. Steven Schlozman, and I am a child psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. I am sitting here with one of my favorite friends who, like you, has only one arm. We have been wondering what you do when other people are looking at your arm? My friend here gets mad - actually, really mad. We are wondering whether it ever makes you mad? Thanks for getting back to me soon. — Steven, Massachusetts

Dear Steven, you can tell your friend that lots of people stare. It used to make me really angry and very frustrated. It is OK to be ticked off. Sometimes I felt sad too. The thing is, I found it was getting in the way of getting stuff done, especially fun stuff. I took a lot of that anger and used it in a positive way. I really like sports, so I took that energy and worked hard at being a better player and a better team member. What I found is that because I wasn't so angry, people forgot about my arm and treated me like everybody else. Sometimes people will still look at my arm or ask me a stupid question, but now that I feel better knowing that most people pay attention to me rather than my missing arm, I don't mind answering a question. Lots of people are just curious and don't know very much. Since I know, I can tell them. I just ignore the people who stare.

Q: Im on travel team and play forward (offense) What is the name of your soccer team and what do you play? — Brooke, 12, New York

Andy: Dear Brooke, the name of my soccer team is the “Purple Hawks,” and I play forward too! I love scoring goals for my team. Don’t you? It’s a great feeling.

Q: What was your most embarrising moment? — Vivian, 8, Texas

Andy: Dear Vivian, My most embarrassing moment happened in art class, which is in the morning. It was the end of class, and I was putting away my painting so that it could dry. It was a painting of Paco. I was talking to Esperanza, who was teaching me how to say parrot in Spanish (“loro”) when I accidentally tripped on Theo’s backpack and fell right on top of my painting. All day I had a picture of Paco on my new white t-shirt! After school, Paco wouldn’t stop following me, calling out, “Pretty bird, pretty bird!”

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