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Andy answers your questions
Q: Hi Andy, My daughter's teacher is missing an arm like you. Heather is 3 and she has never met anyone without an arm before. She is very scared and has been having nightmares. What advice would you give her? — Heather’s mom, New Jersey

Andy: Hi, Heather’s mom. I’m so glad you wrote to me. Has your daughter’s teacher talked to the class about her arm? Since she teaches little kids, I’d bet she could find a really good way to talk about it to everyone (or even just your daughter) so it won’t be so scary anymore. I can understand why your daughter is afraid, but if you and the teacher explain that everyone has things about them that are different and talk about this in an honest way that a 3 year old can understand and let her ask questions, it will probably help to make it less scary. I’m sure you can ask the teacher for other ideas or maybe even some good preschool books that will be helpful.

Q: Why did you move? — Cristal, 9, another country

Andy: Hi, Cristal! My family moved to the neighborhood because my mom got a really great new job here. At first, I didn’t want to leave my old home, but now I can’t imagine living anywhere else!

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