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What is Coding?

Explore our definition of coding and what it looks like to code with PBS KIDS ScratchJr.

Why Teach Coding to Young Students?

Coding is a new digital literacy. Creating projects with PBS KIDS ScratchJr can provide children with opportunities to develop practices and perspectives that will help them throughout their learning lives.

Coding is a Kind of Storytelling

Explore how coding and storytelling can go hand-in-hand as children create projects utilizing their favorite PBS KIDS characters in the app.


All learners are different! PBS KIDS ScratchJr is a tool that can support a wide variety of learning styles and interests.

Supporting Creative Learning

Open-ended tools like PBS KIDS ScratchJr are a highly engaging way to support self-expression, creative thinking, and confidence building.

No Answers Just Questions

Explore the importance of providing children with the time and space to make their own discoveries when working with PBS KIDS ScratchJr.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Giving and receiving of feedback is an important part of the creative process. Explore how you can support sharing and reflection when working with the app.

Champion Mistakes

Creating a learning environment where mistakes are seen as welcome obstacles to overcome can help lead to new discoveries and the ability to persist through tough challenges.

PBS KIDS ScratchJr Activities

Explore the structure and components of the activities available on this site.

Keep Going

The PBS KIDS ScratchJr app can be integrated into a multitude of learning contexts. How will you use the app?