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Wolf Pack in the Woods

Chris and Martin track down a lost wolf's pack.

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Wild Kratts

  • The Mysterious Super Digger

    Chris and Martin meet a mother aardvark and her baby.

  • Aardvark

    The Wild Kratts discover why aardvarks are an important part of the African landscape.

  • Make a Web!

    Chris and Martin show us how to build a spider's web while talking about all the different kinds of spider silk.

  • Famous Aardvark Breakfast Sludge

    Chris and Martin get a closer look at an aardvark's diet.

  • Croc

    Chris and Martin find out how temperature determines the sex of baby crocodiles.

  • Designer Spider Silk

    The gang is out testing adventure gear when they come across an amazing animal design. Spider Silk!

  • Frog Fish

    The Wild Kratts meet a fish with lightning fast animal power.

  • Orbit Makes a Web

    Chris and Martin watch Orbit, the Spider, make a new orb web.

  • Operation Crocodile Nest

    Chris and Martin sneak into a crocodile's nest to see what a hatching looks like.

  • Beaver Lodge

    Chris and Martin stumble into the cozy home of a family of beavers.

  • Greatest Creature Builder

    Chris and Martin meet one of nature's master builders, the Beaver.

  • Hummingbird

    The Kratts brothers use their hummingbird powers to save a hummingbird's eggs.

  • Spider

    Chris and Martin watch Orbit, the Golden Orb Weaver Spider, spin an orb web!

  • Wolf Pack in the Woods

    Chris and Martin track down a lost wolf's pack.