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Meet G.L.O.G.

TD imagines the future of an ever-increasing pile of garbage, named "Glog."

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Martha Speaks

  • Our Friend the Gopher

    Martha and friends learn how gophers dig holes underground called burrows.

  • T.D.'s Report on Inventor Tom Adams

    T.D. gives a report in class about the inventor of chewing gum, Tom Adams.

  • Dr. Trumanstein

    If Dr. Trumanstein's hypothesis is correct, the raisins in his oatmeal experiment will expand. However, he doesn't count on them expanding into a giant oatmeal monster!

  • Skits and Martha Bake a Cake

    Skits and Martha bake a cake for Helen.

  • Meet G.L.O.G.

    TD imagines the future of an ever-increasing pile of garbage, named "Glog."

  • Martha's Email

    Helen helps her grandmother set up an email account and attach a file to her first email. Martha, however, does not approve of such things.

  • Hotdogula and Frankfurterstein

    Carolina and Helen team up to measure and dress Martha and Skits.

  • Doggy Demonstrations

    Skits and Martha work together to define the word "previously."

  • Martha Saves the Day

    Martha drums up an inventive means of transportation to get mom to the hospital on time.

  • Pressure

    Martha explains the meaning of the word "pressure."

  • Martha's Perspective

    Martha defines the word perspective.

  • The Story of Balto

    Truman tells Martha about the story of Balto, and explains the meaning of the words, "serum" and "dog sled."

  • Firedog Freddie

    Helen reads her favorite childhood story to Jake and Martha.

  • Feeling Ejected

    TD is confused about the meaning of the word "dejected."

  • Martha's Memory

    Martha and friends discuss what the words "certain" and "sure" mean, and Martha shares her version of how a game they played ended.

  • TD Tells A Story

    TD tells Jakey a story he wrote about Martha.

  • Setting a Good Example

    The kids try to brainstorm ideas for how to clean up the litter in the park, and inspire other kids to be more aware of litter.

  • Professor Monkey Follows the Directions

    Professor Monkey follows instructions to make a paper airplane, but accidentally uses paper that has the directions for where he needs to be!