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Cat Likes Circles

Cat sings a jazzy tune about how much he likes circles.

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Peg + Cat

  • Picking Up Chickens

    Peg and Cat must get chickens back in the coop before the farmer sees.

  • Counting Chickens

    The pirates count 20 chickens to fall asleep.

  • 10 Friends Escape the Giants

    Peg, Cat, and eight friends try to escape the Giants.

  • Fabulous 5

    Peg, the Three Bears, and Pig form a band called The Fabulous Five!

  • Peg the Bold & Brave Sir Cat

    Peg the Bold and Brave Sir Cat hear a cry for help.

  • Space Patterns

    Peg, Cat, and Richard make patterns using planets and stars.

  • Triangle, Pentagon, Square!

    Peg, Cat, Richard, and The Pig work to rebuild their ship using a pattern.

  • Chickens in Space

    A strange spaceship visits Peg, Cat, and Richard on The Purple Planet.

  • Cake Time

    Peg and Cat use a rockin' pattern to decorate a cake for teens.

  • Building a Rocket with Shapes

    Peg and Cat build a rocket out of bathroom stuff.

  • Math in the Bath: Pirate Map

    Peg and Cat make a treasure map in the bathroom.

  • Treasure Map

    Peg and Cat measure for buried treasure!

  • Buried Treasure Party

    Peg and Cat find a buried treasure party.

  • Quest for the Golden Pyramids

    Peg and Cat help a mermaid find her lost golden pyramids.

  • The Ballad of Peg the Bold and Brave Sir Cat

    Peg, Cat and their friends recount the tale of how they solved the golden pyramid problem.

  • Magic Cylinder

    Ramone gives Peg the Bold and Brave Sir Cat a magic cylinder to help them defeat the dragon.

  • Cat Likes Circles

    Cat sings a jazzy tune about how much he likes circles.

  • The Great Banana Has Landed

    Those pirates are fighting again. This time over something even better than peaches…The Great Banana, Peg, and Cat know how to solve a problem like cranky pirates by dividing fairly.

  • Math in the Bath: Peg's Pizza Place

    Peg and Cat make the number 100 out of pizza stuff (it's really bath stuff).

  • Math in the Bath: Fair Sharing

    Peg and Cat share rocks to build a spaceship.

  • Four + One = Five Sleeping Pirates

    The Pirates are sleeping over at Peg's house. They've never had a sleep over away from home and are feeling sad. Peg and Cat help them feel comfy and cozy so they can sleep.

  • Counting by 10's

    While collecting space rocks for NASA, Ramone has time to show Peg, Cat, Richard and Pig how to count by 10s to 100.

  • Perfect Picnic with a Pig

    Peg, Cat, and their friends on the farm sing a song.

  • Peg and Cat Estimate

    Ramone shows Peg and Cat how to estimate. They make careful guesses of the number of recycling bins they need by looking at the sizes of junk to be recycled in them.

  • Ordering Spheres by Size

    Peg and Cat put spheres in order from biggest to smallest!

  • 10 Friends

    10 Friends sing about sticking together.

  • Math in the Bath -- Sloppy Pig

    Peg and Cat use 60 bubble beads to wash muddy Pig in the tub.

  • Cut it in Half

    Peg and Cat sing and cut pizzas in half at the pizza place. They discover that they can cut lots of other things in half, too!

  • The Tallapega 20

    It's race day and Peg and Cat are competing against The Pirates, The Teens, and The Pig.

  • Peg Finds Her Marble

    When Peg's marble accidentally flies into one of many identical bowls of spice, Cleopatra shows her how to use a pan balance to see which bowl contains her marble.

  • What's the Difference?

    Everything is black and white in the Highlight Zone! Shapes and sizes have changed, too. Peg and Cat have to spot ten differences in the Highlight Zone to get things back to normal.

  • Ramone Shakes it Plenty

    Peg and Cat watch Ramone and Pig's music video about the number twenty.

  • Counting to Twenty

    When the pirates can't get back to sleep, Peg shows them how to count to twenty.