Pilot Tests

Before PBS KIDS conducts a major impact or summative evaluation to show that kids learn from our resources, we like to first conduct a small, pilot test of the intervention and the study’s methods in order to make sure that the intervention and methods work the way we think they will. We then use what we learn from the pilot test to improve the intervention or study’s methods before we conduct the much larger impact or summative evaluation.

  • Pilot Testing of PBS KIDS Transmedia Suites (WestEd, 2012)

    This study explores how the beta versions of three PBS KIDS transmedia suites (The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That, Cybercase, and Fizzy’s Lunch Lab) were used in the classroom environment and the effect of the beta versions of the suites on student learning.

  • 2012 Preschool Pilot Study of PBS KIDS Transmedia Mathematics Content (EDC/SRI, 2012)

    This pilot study explored the potential of using technology (interactive white boards and laptops) and PBS KIDS transmedia resources (digital videos and interactive games) to enhance preschool mathematics teaching and learning. It was designed to develop and test curricula supplements and teacher professional development programs and produce research designs and research instrumentation in preparation for the larger 2013 preschool randomized controlled trial.

  • Evaluation of The Electric Company Summer Learning Program (WestEd, 2011)

    This study shows that the The Electric Company Summer Learning Program curriculum was effective in teaching 6-8 year olds targeted math vocabulary, numeracy, and literacy skills, increasing student motivation, confidence, morale and enthusiasm for learning, and providing teachers with new instructional strategies for teaching mathematics and literacy.

  • Transmedia Suites Pilot Summary Report (WestEd, 2011)

    This study of six newly developed transmedia gaming suites associated with established PBS properties shows early evidence of student learning and engagement with the content and provides recommendations for the next round of product development. Transmedia gaming suites included in the study are: The Cat in the Hat, Curious George, Dinosaur Train, Fetch!, Fizzy’s Lunch Lab, and Sid the Science Kid.