Context Studies

Context studies help us learn about the homes, schools, and other places where the materials we develop will be used. The more we know about where and how people use the types of learning resources we develop, the better we can design them so they make the greatest impact on children’s learning.

  • PBS KIDS Transmedia Suites Gaming Study (EDC/SRI, 2012)

    This study explores how children and educators make use of PBS KIDS transmedia games by examining contexts of use and analyzing patterns of use during game play by children in out-of-school settings.

  • 2012 Context Study of the Use of Tech & PBS KIDS Transmedia in the Home Environment (EDC/SRI, 2012)

    This study examined how families with children ages 2-8, who received laptop computers and tablets, adopt, use, and report benefiting from technology and PBS KIDS transmedia in their homes.

  • Study of Preschool Parents & Caregivers Use of Tech & PBS KIDS Transmedia Resources (EDC/SRI, 2012)

    This study provides understanding of how parents use transmedia resources and technology in the home as well as parents’ perspective on using transmedia and technology in the classroom for early math and literacy learning.

  • DLO Report (EDC/SRI, 2011)

    This study investigates how teachers use literacy and math digital learning objects—most of which were originally designed for use in home and other informal environments—in formal learning environments such as prekindergarten and early-elementary (K-2) classrooms.

  • Year One Context Studies Report (EDC/SRI, 2011)

    Through a large-scale survey, classroom observations, and focus groups of teachers serving low-income preschools and summer learning programs, this study identifies ways in which transmedia can best support learning in preschool and out-of-school time learning environments.