PBS KIDS LAB is funded by a 5-year Ready To Learn grant from the U.S. Department of Education. The Department requires all of its grant recipients to conduct research in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the materials and products that are created with the grant money. This section includes reports on all the research and evaluation studies that have been conducted to date on the PBS KIDS games and other learning resources that are on PBS KIDS LAB.

  • Needs Assessments

    This type of research helps us find out what kinds of learning resources and digital devices are currently available to parents, teachers, and children and what we can do to best meet the needs of these audiences.

  • Context Studies

    Context studies help us learn about the homes, schools, and other places where the materials we develop will be used.

  • Implementation Evaluations

    Implementation evaluations help us understand how well our projects are meeting their purpose and goals.

  • Formative Evaluations

    Formative evaluations are studies that help to "form" the design for a product, service, or intervention.

  • Content Studies

    Content studies are small, relatively short tests of whether and what children learn from exposure to and interaction with a single property’s videos, games, and activities.

  • Pilot Tests

    Before PBS KIDS conducts a major impact or summative evaluation to show that kids learn from our resources, we like to first conduct a small, pilot test of the intervention and the study’s methods in order to make sure that the intervention and methods work the way we think they will.

  • Summative Evaluations/Impact Studies

    Summative evaluation is a method of judging the worth of a product or program at the end of the program activities. It provides information about the product's or program’s efficacy -- its ability to do what it was designed to do.

  • Summary Reports

    Summary Reports provide an overview of all the research studies that have been conducted on PBS KIDS educational resources in a given year

  • Other Reports

    This section of the LAB includes reports by other Ready To Learn project partners or stations.