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  • New Live-Action Math Show Premieres on PBS KIDS

    November 25, 2014

    New Live-Action Math Show Premieres on PBS KIDS

    Calling all kids with a math-focused mind and a knack for solving the silliest, strangest and most odd goings-on in town – Odd Squad, the newest PBS KIDS series, premieres Nov. 26 at 9 a.m.

    Agents Olive and Otto, the two stars of the blob-chasing, centigurp-scooping squad, solve the strange in their city with sharp math skills, quick wit and seriously impressive dance skills. When Soundcheck, the chart-topping boy band with lusciously gelled locks and cut-off tees, “take away four” from a baker’s dozen bagels – and several other sets of objects around town – the  Odd Squad agents take the problem to the Math Room.

    With a little addition and subtraction, the two crack the case. The oddities don’t stop there, though. There’s a step-by-step interrogation of a unicorn, a prehistoric pal trapped in headquarters and, of course, some reindeer games. Each and every problem is solved with a lot of humor – which both kids and parents can enjoy! – and math skills suited for ages 6 to 8: numbers and counting, operations, geometry, spatial sense, measurement, data collection and analysis, algebra and patterns.

    Check out the Odd Squad site, where you can watch videos, play games and meet the agents.  There are six 11-minute case files (each half of an on-air episode), a tour of the incredibly cool Odd Squad headquarters and a collection of agent training videos.

    Catch the Centigurps, an arcade-style game, lets kids work with Agent Oscar and a few of the Squad’s prized gadgets to wrangle 100 bouncing centigurps.  Special carrying cases used to scoop up the fuzzy pink creatures hold sets of 2, 5 or 10.  With each level, you have to catch more.

    Down the Tubes, takes you into the complex system of tubes that transport the Odd Squad agents from case to case.  The system is broken, so kids have to use their measurement skills to reconnect segments by combining the correct number of units.


    We want YOU to be the agent!  On the site, you can Become an Agent, earn agent awards and even make the wall of agents.

    Coming soon to the Odd Squad collection of digital games are Pie-nado! and  Creature Duty online, and the  Blob on the Job mobile app.  There will also be a series of parent and educator resources that follow the case files theme, and activities for out of school time.

    Watch now, play now, and then tune in for the extra special premiere on Nov. 26.