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  • PBS KIDS Celebrates Writing, Arts and Creativity

    June 06, 2014

    PBS KIDS Celebrates Writing, Arts and Creativity

    It’s June, and to start off the summer, PBS KIDS and Ready To Learn are celebrating writing, arts and creativity. From cupcake math to stick puppets, Peg, Cat, Martha and few of our other favorite characters will help kids tap into their creative (and artistic!) sides this month.

    Peg is the shining star of arts and creativity – note those impromptu ukulele ditties and all the fun PBS KIDS crafts that have been created in honor of Peg and her uhhh-DOR-able pet, Cat. She finds the solution to any and every near-disaster, and swiftly writes a celebratory song. She’s spunky and savvy and always creative.

    Let’s start with the Peg + Cat games that celebrate arts and creativity, available online at Help Peg and Cat count their rock collection – full of striped, sparkling and polka-dotted rocks – in Rock Art, or paint your own e-picture in Paint-a-Long.  And, to test your fashion know-how, and explore the most creative side of a good wardrobe, dress Peg, Cat, Pig or Ramone with the Costume Box.

    The ultimate in arts, creative and Peg + Cat charm is, of course, the Peg + Cat Big Gig app. PBS stations, educators and community partners can order Peg + Cat Big Gig gift codes – a free download code that comes with an activity sheet – through our Mobile Learning Program.

    It doesn’t stop on the screen, though.  Peg + Cat have plenty more to offer to the arts through classroom and at-home activities like The Pirates’ “Great Banana” Fruit Salad, Peg + Cat stick puppets and the Incredibly Popular Honey Cake. Two of those three double as the perfect summertime snack, too!

    Martha, our resident literacy expert, is the go-to character for writing.  She also caters to an older audience, 6 to 9 year olds, to supplement that younger-skewed Peg + Cat creativity. Martha Speaks online and mobile games like Pup Talk, Story Maker and Word Spinner perfect writing and reading skills (and the latter two can also be ordered through the Mobile Learning Program!).

    After you download the two Martha Speaks apps, there are a few fun at-home activities to supplement learning time and support family time. Create story builder bags with Silly Story Builder, or use your local newspaper to build writing skills with Silly Sentences or Mixed-Up Headlines.   For little journalists-in-training, check out Town Crier , which lets them create a front page for their very own newspaper.

    Martha Speaks recently launched a series of very informative interactive storybooks – Martha’s True Stories – which foster a love for non-fiction and are also ideal for any well-rounded summer reading list.

    A few other PBS KIDS characters, like Cat in the Hat, Super Whyatt and Curious George, have their creative and artsy moments, too. Here are a few more online games to celebrate writing, arts and creativity in the month of June:

    •    Super Why: Cake Game
    •    Cat in the Hat: Sketch-a-Mite
    •    Cyberchase: Playspace

    And, a few extra home activities:

    •    The Cat in the Hat Can Map This and That!
    •    Cyberchase: 3-D Botopolis House
    •    Curious George: Hands Down!

    Also, be sure to visit the PBS KIDS video site, or the free PBS KIDS video player app to find the latest episodes and clips anytime. There’s always an episode that matches up with the skills and the themes featured in each of the online games and at-home activities.