Out Of School Activity

The Electric Company: Summer Learning Program


The Electric Company's Summer Learning Program is a six-week multimedia experience consisting of 24 sessions, with four 90-minute sessions per week.

Building off the curriculum of The Electric Company, each session uses the show as a leaping-off point for developing children's vocabulary and exploring core math concepts such as addition and subtraction, pattern recognition, representing and analyzing data, telling time, reading and writing numbers, and measurement. Children will also be learning comprehension strategies and building motivation through everything they do.

To make the learning deep and lasting, children watch the same episode and are exposed to the same words and concepts for two sessions in a row. Built into each session are multiple opportunities for children to display their learning through small and large group discussions, one-on-one and whole class activities, writing, drawing, and playing online games. And to ensure that each session continues beyond the classroom, families are given a bi-weekly newsletter that updates them on what children have been learning and offers simple ways to continue this learning at home.


Key features include:

  • 36 hours of summer learning content
  • YouTube links to over 3 hours of content packaged into 15-minute narratives
  • Online Gaming: 12 levels of The Adventures of Prankster Planet
  • 12 interactive group activities
  • 24 skill-building activity sheets
  • TEC SLP Orientation Training:
      - 90-minute orientation training for staff implementing SLP
      - PowerPoint presentation detailing TEC approach and SLP curriculum specifics
      - Training script to accompany PowerPoint for staff to administer training