Out Of School Activity

The Electric Company: Extended Learning Program


The Electric Company's Extended Learning Program is based on a 1-hour activity plan. This 18-week multimedia programming experience consists of 36 sessions designed to be delivered twice a week in after-school programs and other out of school time settings. This model provides for confident and consistent implementation by including scripted group facilitation, a cluster of video clips, targeted broadband activities, individual or peer activity sheets, and take-home activities for the family. The content supports the curriculum of all 52 Electric Company episodes, including decoding, vocabulary, connected text, motivation, and math words and concepts.


Key features include:

  • 36 hours of activity content for educators
  • 36 skill-building activity sheets for kids
  • 36 take-home activities for families to extend the learning at home
  • YouTube links to 3 hours of episode clips packaged into 5-minute video clusters
  • TEC ELP Orientation Training:
     – 90-minute orientation training for staff implementing ELP
     – PowerPoint presentation detailing TEC approach and curriculum specifics
     – Training script to accompany PowerPoint for staff to administer training