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Peg+Cat: Doodle-it-yourself Flipbook

What's The Point

Flipbooks bring drawings to life. Using the flipbook template that comes with this activity, kids can make a flipbook out of their own drawings. In the process, they will use visual storytelling skills and spatial reasoning skills to make sure the movement of their drawings tells a story when they flip through the finished book.

This Activity Will Help Your Child

  • Practice visual storytelling and spatial reasoning skills
  • Count by ones up to 24
  • Sequence numbers from 1 to 24

Book Suggestions

    by Rebecca Fjelland Davis
    by Donald Crews


  • Two sheets of paper (heavier paper is best, but printer paper works, too!)
  • Markers or crayons
  • Printable flipbook

How Do I Do It?

  • Print the flipbook pages
  • Draw your story in the numbered boxes, with the first scene in box 1 and the last in box 24. Use markers or crayons to doodle Peg and Cat, pirates, chickens, or whatever your inner-artist likes!
  • Help your child plan the sequence of drawings so they animate well. For example, if the drawing shows a character throwing a ball, draw the character’s hands in slightly different positions from one box to the next, so when you flip through them it will look like the hands are moving. Do the same for the ball.
  • Once you have finished your drawings, carefully cut out the pages by cutting along the dotted lines.
  • Stack the flipbook pages in order from 1 to 24 (with 1 on top), and staple them all together on the left edge of the book.
  • Use your thumb to flip through the pages and see your drawings move!

Take It Further

Show your flipbook to members of your family, classmates, or friends from the neighborhood! Before you flip through the pages, tell the story you drew in the pages. Then flip through the book to bring the story to life. Challenge your family and friends to make their own flipbooks!