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Peg + Cat Flipbooks

What's The Point

Flipbooks are a fun way to bring drawings to life. In this activity, the drawings are scenes from the world of Peg + Cat. When you flip through the books, Peg and Cat dance and hop across the pages. As kids put together these pocket-sized picture books they get practice counting and sequencing numbers.

This Activity Will Help Your Child

  • Count by ones up to 24
  • Sequence numbers from 1 to 24

Book Suggestions

  • 12 WAYS TO GET TO 11
    by Eve Merriam
    by Molly Bang


How Do I Do It?

  • Print the flipbook pages, and cut along the dotted lines.
  • Stack the flipbook pages in order from 1 to 24 (with 1 on top), and staple them all together on the left edge of the book.
  • Use your thumb to flip through the pages and see Peg and Cat move!

Take It Further

Add your own drawings, or words, to the pages of each flipbook.. Maybe Peg and Cat are on the Purple Planet, or maybe they’re on Pirate Island with sand, seashells, and cheese and pickle sandwiches – you’re the artist!