Out Of School Activity

PBS KIDS Afterschool Adventure!


This resource is a collection of multimedia activities based on a particular theme and targeted math skills. Each activity guide includes digital content as well as related literacy connections and hands-on activities that allow children to practice and learn math skills to successfully complete a new adventure. Activities run 10-30 minutes to allow for flexible scheduling.

A unique feature to this resource is the "multi-show" approach to engaging kids with the content. Rather than focus on a particular PBS KIDS show or character, these guides use math skills to connect kids to multiple shows, characters and adventures in order to deepen their understanding of the math content.

Standards Alignment

Use this handy alignment chart to find theme-based activities in this resource collection that are aligned to national math standards. Math Standards Alignment Chart


  • Multi-media content for two age groups, 4-5 year olds and 6-8 year olds
  • Quick reference materials and media lists
  • More About Math background for Leaders
  • Parent Letters to send home with each child to encourage parent participation and to extend the learning at home.

Videos of a teacher demonstrating how to use PBS KIDS digital resources to teach a lesson.

PBS KIDS Adventures Videos