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Fizzy's Lunch Lab 2012: Lost in Greasy World!

What's The Point

Children use spatial skills to put together a map that has been broken up into pieces. Using a map to solve problems helps children develop a sense of direction and the relationship among objects within a given space.

Related Game

Escape from Greasy World – Complete a series of math challenges to rescue Mixie-Bot, Corporal Cup and Professor Fizzy who are trapped in Greasy World theme park.

This Activity Will Help Your Child

  • Understand spatial sense
  • Practice using a map

Book Suggestions

  • Follow That Map!
    by Scot Ritchie
  • X Marks the Spot!
    by Lucille Recht Penner


How Do I Do It?

  1. Avril and Henry took a wrong turn in the Greasy World theme park and got lost. They found a map, but it has been torn up into little pieces. Can your child help them put it back together so they can find their way back to the park entrance?
  2. Download the Greasy World map and map pieces in color or black and white:
    Color Map (PDF), Color Map Pieces (PDF), Black and White Map (PDF), Black and White Map Pieces (PDF)
  3. Print out the Greasy World map and the map pieces. Cut out the map pieces.
  4. Ask your child to put together the map pieces. Tell her that you have a map that she can look at to help complete the map puzzle.
  5. Talk with your child about the map pieces. Use terms that describe the pieces such as triangle, square, corners, and edges. This will help her learn about shapes. Tell her that she might have to turn, or rotate, the pieces to put the map together correctly.
  6. Once the pieces are put together into a complete map of Greasy World, help your child tape the map back together.
  7. Give your child an example of how you might find something on the map. “If I was at the entrance and wanted to go to the Arcade, I would go left, walk straight ahead, go around the Ice Cream Parlor, and walk straight ahead to the Arcade.”
  8. Avril and Henry got lost near the Games pavilion. Ask your child to look at the map and tell you the shortest way for them to get back to the entrance. “What is the longest way?” “Can you tell me another way they could get to the entrance?” “How would they go if they wanted to go past the Arcade?” “How could they go from the Games Pavilion to the Ice Cream Parlor without going past the Arcade?”

Take It Further

When your child finishes playing Escape from Greasy World, ask her to tell you the story in the game. Have her point out on the map all the places she visited while playing the game and tell what she did at each location. To help her remember the story, ask questions such as: “Where did the story begin?”, “What did you do first?”, “What did you do next?”, “What did you do in the Ice Cream Parlor?”, “What did you do after the Arcade?”, and “Where did the story end?”.