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Fizzy’s Lunch Lab 2013: Fresh Pick Challenge: Logical Lunch

What's The Point

Your child uses deductive reasoning every day to make decisions about what to wear, what to eat, even what to get a friend for a birthday present. Can your child use his deductive reasoning skills to pack a picnic lunch for Henry and Avril?

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This Activity Will Help Your Child

  • Use clues to solve a problem
  • Group objects based on several attributes
  • Understand if/then statements

Book Suggestions

  • Has Anybody Lost a Glove?
    by G. Franciz Johnson
  • Seven Blind Mice
    by Ed Young


  • Lunch box
  • Three pieces of fruit
  • Other food items

How Do I Do It?

  1. Set up the game by saying that Henry and Avril are going on a picnic, and have asked us to pack their lunch. We have to choose food items based on clues about what they like to eat.
  2. Start with a demonstration. Place an orange, a plum, and a banana on the table. Then say:

    • Henry likes fruit that is round. Bananas are not round. (Remove the banana.) He likes purple fruit. An orange is not purple. (Remove the orange.) Which fruit would Henry like for lunch? A plum! (Place the plum in the lunch box.)

  3. Now invite your child to help. Try some different foods, such as yogurt, chips, and celery.

    • Avril wants something crunchy. (Your child removes the yogurt.) She wants something healthy. (Your child removes the chips). What does she want? (Your child places the celery in the lunch box.)

Take It Further

Challenge your child with other fun food deductions:

  • I’m a silly monkey and I only eat fruit. Can I eat this cracker? Can I eat this banana? Can I eat this mango?

Make it a little more difficult by including two characteristics:

  • I am Fast Food Freddy! Today I will only eat food that is sweet and white. Will I eat this sweet strawberry? Will I eat this white piece of pasta? Will I eat this sugar cookie?

Try some if/then statements:

  • If carrots grow in a garden, and foods that grow in the garden are good for you, then carrots are… (good for you).