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Dinosaur Train: Balancing Act

What's The Point

Tiny and Buddy are on a nature hunt gathering leaves, rocks, seeds, and other objects. They are curious about which things are heavier and which are lighter. Go on your own nature hunt. Then create a life-size “scale” to explore the concept of weight.

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This Activity Will Help Your Child

  • Compare objects by weight
  • Order objects by weight
  • Use words to describe weight, such as heavy and light

Book Suggestions

  • Who Sank the Boat?
    by Pamela Allen


  • Objects from nature (or from around the house)

How Do I Do It?

  1. Go on a nature hunt and gather some objects, such as a rock, a pinecone, and a piece of bark.
  2. Talk about the weight and size of these objects. You might say, “This rock is the same size as this acorn, but the rock is heavier.”
  3. Now turn your child into a life-size “balance scale.” Tell him to extend his arms so they are parallel with the ground, with palms up. Put an object in each hand. Ask, “Is one heavier or lighter than the other?” Tell your child that on the count of three you want him to “weigh” the objects by moving his arms up or down. The hand with the heavier object should move down, and the hand with the lighter object should move up.
  4. Play the game again with different objects.
  5. Now try “balancing” the scale. You might ask: “What happens if the objects are the same weight?” Invite your child to use his or her body to show a balanced scale by placing both hands at the same level.

Take It Further

If you have a small scale, select three of the objects to weigh. Explain that the bigger the number on the scale, the heavier the object is. Invite your child to guess the weight of each object before placing it on the scale. Put the objects in order from lightest to heaviest.