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Dinosaur Train: Dino-mite Patterns

What's The Point

Identifying, creating and completing patterns help kids learn important problem solving and mathematical reasoning skills. Being able to recognize patterns is one of the foundations for algebra.

This Activity Will Help Your Child

  • Recognize patterns

Book Suggestions

  • Busy Bugs: A Book About Patterns
    by Harvey and Bernard Adnet
  • Pattern Fish
    by Trudy Harris


  • "Dinosaur A-Z" printout (link below)
  • Scissors

How Do I Do It?

  1. Make six copies of the alphabet page (page 3) from the "Dinosaur A-Z" printout. Cut out the same six letter squares from all six copies (e.g., six squares with the letter “A”, six squares with the letter “G”, etc.).
  2. Choose two of the letter squares, start a pattern, and ask your child, “What comes next?” (e.g., A – G – A – G - ?).
  3. When your child is comfortable with the alternating two-letter pattern, try something a little more challenging: G – A – G – G – A - ? - ?
  4. Now ask your child to start a pattern for you to finish.

Take It Further

Here's a game you can play that will help your child explore patterns and get exercise at the same time! Show your child how to make patterns by skipping and hopping (e.g., skip – hop – skip – hop, or skip – skip – hop – skip – skip – hop). Start the pattern and then ask your child to complete it (e.g., skip – hop – skip – hop – what comes next?). Then ask your child to start a pattern for you to finish. You can also make patterns by clapping your hands (e.g., 2 claps – 1 clap – 2 claps – 1 clap, and so on) and stomping your feet (e.g., clap – stomp – clap – stomp, and so on). Ask your child to think of other fun ways to make patterns!