Math Skills Wheel

Math Skills Wheel

PBS KIDS has games that help kids learn and practice many different math skills.  Use the wheel below to find games by skill and age group. First, select an age group—3-5 or 6-8—and then click on the arrows to spin the wheel to a specific math skill.  Click on the PBS KIDS characters to lead you to age-appropriate games that address the selected skill.

(Note: If you're running Internet Explorer 7 or 8, you'll see a handy chart instead of a wheel.)

Ages 2-5 Ages 6-8

Numbers and Counting

Comparing Sets of Numbers, Place Value, Counting


Addition & Subtraction, Multiplication & Grouping, Division & Fractions


Puzzles, Shapes

Spatial Sense

Position & Location, Spatial Sense, Symmetry, Mapping


Length & Height, Weight Capacity, Temperature, Estimation, Money, Time

Data Collection & Analysis

Data Collection & Analysis, Graphing, Sorting

Algebraic Thinking

Deductive Reasoning, Patterns