The Winter Games 2018!

  • February 22, 2018
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Hi Friends,

We’ve had so much going on in the Kingdom that I haven’t even asked you about the Winter Games!   Have you been watching?  I love watching AND doing many different sports. screen-shot-2018-02-22-at-4-18-08-pm (The above picture is of me in Mt. Snow!)


P.S.  What are your favorite winter sports? Something else?screen-shot-2018-02-22-at-4-18-13-pmscreen-shot-2018-02-22-at-4-18-44-pmscreen-shot-2018-02-22-at-4-19-10-pmscreen-shot-2018-02-22-at-4-18-21-pmscreen-shot-2018-02-22-at-4-18-18-pm

And if winter sports aren’t “your thing,” what is your favorite thing to watch or do in the wintertime?