The Molly of Denali Event!


Hi Friends,

The Molly of Denali 2020 Event starts now!


Step 1: Watch the Molly of Denali videos playing in Grand Glade, and listen closely to fun facts about Alaskan Animals. (The same seven videos will be playing in the Kingdom throughout every day!) 

Step 2: Follow this schedule to go on 4 Alaskan Scavenger Hunts.  Collect clues to find a Molly of Denali Reward after each one.

Write down what you think the clues are for each animal so you can help each other figure it out! Or you could even take screen shots of the clues when you find them and post them on the blog. Help your friends! 

(Friday) 8/28 – Alaskan Scavenger Hunt #1:  It’s a Muskox! (Thanks for the pictures, someone82 and Gladiolus!)


(Monday) 8/31 – Alaskan Scavenger Hunt #2: It’s a Porcupine!  (Thanks for the pictures, oreolover993, lbggh, Trainstar296!)


(Tuesday) 9/1 – Alaskan Scavenger Hunt #3:  It’s a Great Horned Owl!  (Thanks for the pictures, Moonheart115 and Chrystal44!)


(Wednesday) 9/2 – Alaskan Scavenger Hunt #4: It’s a Wood Frog! (Thanks for the pictures, Pikachulove7, TheRealPups, Snowflke544, solo789, greekgodess619, wolfsketch530, BPsupercar1, Gladiolus, seahorse657, knoebels93, foxgirl1960, door123305, iluvpurple680, llpo311, chimmybt21, sugarcubes, princessy67, 51lly, julianaf8, oreolover993, peachninja)


Step 3:  Use your Alaskan Animal Field Guide in this blog to figure out which animal clues you found in the Kingdom.

Step 4:  If you need help figuring out the animal, go back and watch the videos to learn more! 

Step 5:   Draw a picture and upload the animal that you believe is the answer. 

Step 6:   Come back to the blog 8/31, 9/1, 9/2 and 9/3 to find out the animals and earn more secret codes!


New Molly secret codes:  MUSHING SLED, SNOWMOBILE



P.S. Nicely done, niwu12345sgarcia332 and nwes1234!  Way to get to the top of the leaderboard this week! You did it!

P.P.S. If you don’t have invisible wheels for your kart, don’t forget to put the secret code INVISIBLE in the Parts Trailer.