Teaser Alert!

  • November 7, 2019
  • Comments : 1,412

Hi Friends,

I’m making new friends!  Do you know who they are?

I’ll give you more detail next week but for now, just know we will be having a brand new event starting on Monday, November 18.  I can’t wait!

Tell your friends!


P.S. Congratulations  to last week’s leaderboard winners coolkart13, and camie939!  I am laughing so hard right now.  camie939, thank you for finding a little glitch.  Ummm . . . I can’t see your kart but I guess you know that! LOL (Let me see if I can fix that problem.) Sorry about that and thanks for having so much patience, you guys! 🙂

P. P.S. Don’t forget to come back to the Kingdom next week every day to learn more about our new event Nov. 18!