Rules of the Road 2020


Hi Friends, 

I hope you have had an awesome few weeks celebrating your holidays and New Year’s!  It’s a new decade so time to go over the Rules of the Road! 

What are the Rules of the Road? 

For the old-timers out there, you know the drill. For everybody else, the Rules of the Road are how we act in Kart Kingdom so everybody has fun and feels safe. We do this so we can all be good digital citizens and friends 🙂

Rules of the Road: 

Play Nice

Everyone can be your friend in Kart Kingdom so remember to be kind!

Use Kind Words

Be a friend!  If you’re on the blog, remember how friends treat one another and use kind words when you are talking to them.

Privacy Please

Here in the Kingdom, we take safety and privacy very seriously. Don’t post anything personal such as your name, where you live or a photo of yourself on the blog.  That kind of information is not for a place like Kart Kingdom.  Can you think of other ways you can protect yourself online?

Work Together

How can you help everyone in Kart Kingdom feel included?

screen-shot-2017-05-04-at-10-51-42-amHappy New Year! Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Happy New Year! screen-shot-2017-05-04-at-10-51-42-am

Here’s to an absolutely awesome 2020!  We have so many fun times planned for Kart Kingdom! I can’t wait to show you!!!


P.S. Way to go to last week’s leaderboard leaders at the end of 2019!  Cheers to oyper888 and New User and agm9m for receiving top honors last week!

P.P.S. Winners of the Snowflake-Making contest will be announced in next week’s blog post. Stay tuned!