Ruff Ruffman Challenge #3

  • December 13, 2017
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Hi Friends,

Way to go with Challenges #1 and 2!   We had over 500 submissions!  Can you believe that? 

Instead of telling you today who won the first two challenges now, I think it will be more fun to have a Grand Finale Extravaganza where we showcase all the winners at once! 

When: Come to the Kingdom (and the blog) on Tues, December 19, 2017 for the extravaganza!

Now, on to Challenge 3!


Challenge 3:

Ruff’s kart is broken-down and needs some serious repairs.  He needs your help!  Can you create a kart that will get Ruff moving again?!  It needs to be stable (have enough support so it is balanced and won’t tip over.)  Look around your house to test.  Do you have any furniture in your home that is stable?  Do you think a table is stable?  Can you tell me why you are able to say stable is a good label for a table? 🙂



  1. Start by looking around your house to test what is stable. 
  2. Go to the new Kart Studio in the The Deep to design your kart, and use the stickers and drawing tools to solve Ruff’s problem.
  3. When done creating your solution, press the Save button on the kart tool.   Your kart will be saved wherever photos or screenshots are saved on your tablet or computer.  (Ask an adult if you need help!)
  4. Come back to the blog, upload your kart, and explain what you made and why you think this kart would have stability and balance.
  5. Don’t forget to tell us what you’ve named your kart.