Ruff Ruffman Challenge #2

  • December 10, 2017
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Hi Friends,

Thank you for all of your amazing designs! We are looking them over and will announce the winner on our next blog post.  (There are so many to look through, we want to take our time to consider.)

Now here’s Ruff’s second problem!

Challenge 2:

Ruff needs our help to get across a puddle of water but he is afraid of getting wet.  Can you help him by creating a kart made of waterproof materials?  We’re looking for something that repels water.  (That means a force that makes water stay away.)  In order for the kart to be waterproof,  the materials should not absorb water (like a sponge or paper towel) or let water get through to the inside.  Look around your house to find different kinds of materials to test if they are waterproof.   You might want to use some of these to design your kart!


  1. Start by looking around your house to test what might be waterproof.  Are plastic toys waterproof?  Is styrofoam or foil waterproof? What about others things you see in the kitchen or bathroom? 
  2. Go to the new Kart Studio in the The Deep to design your kart, and use the stickers and drawing tools to solve Ruff’s problem.
  3. When done creating your solution, press the Save button on the kart tool.   Your kart will be saved wherever photos or screenshots are saved on your tablet or computer.  (Ask an adult if you need help!) 
  4. Come back to the blog, upload your kart, and explain what you made and why you think it solves Ruff’s waterproofing problem.
  5. Don’t forget to tell us what you’ve named your kart.


P.S.  Don’t forget to ask an adult if you have trouble figuring out how to take a picture of your kart or how to upload your kart. If you are on a desktop computer and using the browser “Firefox,” try again! It works as long as your Firefox is updated!