Ruff Ruffman Challenge #1

  • December 7, 2017
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Hi Friends,

First . . . if you are playing on  a tablet, the latest version of Kart Kingdom is ready to download from the app store.

Second, Remember how I mentioned Ruff Ruffman recently reached out to me?  Well he has been having a tough time, and needs our help with 4 problems.  Here’s the first one!  If you are playing on a tablet, you need to download the newest version of Kart Kingdom to see the new Kart Studio in The Deep. 

Challenge 1:

Ruff wants to hand out popsicles to the members of Kart Kingdom, but his popsicle truck is broken!  Oh no!  All of the popsicles are melting!  (He says it’s just a little problem, but I’m not so sure.)  

So, here’s the problem!  When a frozen liquid like a popsicle becomes warm, it will “unfreeze” or melt and turn into juice puddles.  We need the popsicles to stay frozen so they remain solid.  Can you help create a kart that will keep the popsicles frozen? 


  1. Go to the new Kart Studio in the The Deep to design your kart!  
  2. Use the stickers and drawing tools to solve Ruff’s problem. (Look around your house for inspiration.  How do you keep things frozen at home?  What do you use to change a liquid like water into frozen ice? )
  3. When done creating your solution, press the Save button on the kart tool.   Your kart will be saved wherever photos or screenshots are saved on your tablet or computer.  (Ask an adult if you need help!)
  4. Come back to the blog, upload your kart, and explain what you made and why you think it solves Ruff’s problem.  
  5. Don’t forget to tell us what you’ve named your kart. 

Whichever kart helps Ruff solve his problem will show up in the kingdom!


P.S. After your done designing and submitting your kart design, check out this fun activity to create some popsicles of your own.