Polar opposites

  • January 19, 2018
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Hi Friends,

One of my best friends is my polar opposite.  (I hadn’t seen him in a while so we got together this week.)

He likes to eat meatscreen-shot-2018-01-19-at-8-35-53-am, and I prefer vegetables. screen-shot-2018-01-19-at-8-36-00-amHe is fuzzy and I am not. He likes it cold, and I like it warm.  But even though we have differences, we still really like each other.  Do you have any friends like that?  I think it’s cool to have all different kinds of friends!



P.S. I hope you enjoyed the Odd Squad Event.  I know I did.  If you missed it, you still can figure out the Odd Squad Secret Codes to enter into the Parts Trailer for cool rewards.

Here they are again:

2_ _8_35_
19  5  3  18  5  20  3  15  4  5
15 4 4 19 17 21 1 4
O_ _X_XO_O_ _X_XO_ _