Best Friends Kart Contest Winners!


Thank you to everyone who entered the Best Friends Kart Contest! I loved all the drawings — they were so fun, cute and heart-warming. Now, a BIG congratulations to 1234letsgo80 and MeowReporter for drawing the winning Karts: the Milk¬†Kart and... read more

Happy Best Friends Day!


Hi everyone! Have you entered the Best Friends Kart Contest yet? Remember to upload your drawings by next Tuesday, June 14, 2016. Also, Happy Best Friends Day to all of you! Thank you for being my friends; because of you,... read more

Best Friends Kart Contest!


Reporter K here, with a friendly announcement! If you could design a Kart for yourself, and another for your best friend, what would they look like? Show us your designs and you may get them! What: The Best Friends Kart... read more