More Clanky Caverns Fun!


Earth Day Special secret codes!  EARTH KART, EARTH WHEELS  (If you don’t see the kart or wheels after you put the codes in, check your Parts Trailer. You may already have them!)

Wild Kratts Event today!


Hi Friends, Yes!  We are back in business!  Thank you for being so patient and understanding while we were fixing whatever happened in Kart Kingdom over the weekend.  We know how much you love the Kingdom because we do, too! I was... read more

Working on the fix now!

  • April 18, 2020
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Hi Friends, Uh oh!  Are you having trouble getting into Kart Kingdom right now, too?  I just wanted to let you know I see it happening, and I’m on the case to figure it out for you. I’ll keep you posted... read more