Bonjour Tour De France!


Bonjour Fellow Bicycle Riders, During the summer, I love riding my bike. (It’s one of my favorite things to do.)  Did you know there is a really famous bicycle race called the Tour De France that is happening right now? Just for... read more

It’s hot out there!


Hi Friends, It’s so hot out there that I’ve decided to go get some ice cream to try to keep cool.  (Did you know that that it is National Ice Cream Day on Sunday?)  I change my favorite flavors depending... read more

Let’s have a parade!


Hi Friends, We decided to do the blog post this week a day early! Guess why?  It’s time to have a celebration parade!   Go to the Parts Trailer and enter the secret code WORLDCUP to celebrate the 2019 USA World Cup Champions! Then, drive your USA... read more