The Molly of Denali Event!


Hi Friends, The Molly of Denali 2020 Event starts now! Step 1: Watch the Molly of Denali videos playing in Grand Glade, and listen closely to fun facts about Alaskan Animals. (The same seven videos will be playing in the Kingdom throughout every day!)  Step 2:... read more

Awkward. . .


Hi Friends, Well, I’m a little embarrassed! I completely forgot to post the blog yesterday! (Did you notice?) And that I took a picture of me and I blinked! (I’m sure you noticed that above!) Have you ever had one... read more

Cat Hat, anyone?


Hi Friends, I’m back from my vacation, and oh . . . CC!   Spooky Street in the summer?  Really? While I look into what happened here, let’s celebrate International Cat Day that took place last weekend!  I know a lot of... read more