BFF Contest Winner #2: SMORES!


HI Friends, We are ready to announce this week’s best friend karts (and wheels) for the Best Friends Contest!  WOW! The ideas that came in for this contest were just so incredible!  I just couldn’t believe how hard everybody worked on this.... read more

BFFs and Birthdays!


HI Friends, First, Thank you to everyone who participated in the Best Friends Contest!  I was overwhelmed with just how many amazing, amazing entries there were!  Could you believe how many kids thought and drew up such great ideas?  Congratulations to... read more

Birthday Surprise 5: BFFs & . . .


Hi Friends, Remember how I said there were 5 birthday surprises? Well, I’m having so much fun with this that I changed my mind so we are doing more! Surprise Birthday Surprise #5: The people that have been around for... read more