Next week – Summer Fun!


Hi Friends,

Thank you for celebrating 50 summers since the USA landed on the moon!

Boy, you worked so hard on your drawings and explanations of your moon rovers. You were curious, hardworking, problem-solvers that really tried to do something different.  Thank you for that!  We love how much you do and try!

We would like to congratulate Davethedog321 for winning Challenge #2!   Wooo hooo!

We looked at the drawing, the originality, the explanation, and how well the problem was solved so that the moon rover would actually work on the moon. (Don’t forget to keep enjoying the new Ready Jet Go! Moon Rover game! Press here to PLAY NOW!

*****New Secret Code!! Go to the Parts Trailer and enter MOONROVER2 in the Secret Code.


Way to go to the following people for being Honorable Mentions! WolfPearl, science19734, peach129, squiggley, Goldensky, 10Dawson10, cope47                           


And now . . . get ready because SUMMER IS HERE!!!! The summer fun event starts on Monday!  Who’s ready?  If you haven’t been before, come back Monday to celebrate! 


P.S. Put in the secret code SUMMERISHERE to get excited about next week!  After you put the code into the Parts Trailer, go to the Furniture tab in Clanky Caverns to find something cool and refreshing!

P.P.S. Congratulations to popstar4018 and kiki888 for being at the top of the leaderboard last week. Popstar4018 got top billing on two tracks!  Unfortunately, kiki888’s avatar picture didn’t showfor the 3rd track, but I wanted to give a shout-out here!