Puppy Day is 3/23!


Hi Friends,

What a week!  Who is ready for a little fun? Nothing like puppies for that!  screen-shot-2018-02-15-at-10-24-38-am

Did you know National Puppy Day is Monday and we have a whole bunch of puppy karts in Kart Kingdom?

To get us started, go to the Parts Trailer and use the secret code DREAMPUPPY to get a puppy kart!   Then, come back everyday for a new recipe!  Can you get them all? 

Recipes 1 & 2

screen-shot-2020-03-19-at-7-55-48-pm     screen-shot-2020-03-21-at-3-53-14-pm

Recipes 3 & 4

screen-shot-2020-03-21-at-11-51-24-pm       screen-shot-2020-03-21-at-11-50-26-pm

Recipes 5 & 6

screen-shot-2020-03-21-at-11-52-08-pm       screen-shot-2020-03-22-at-12-43-09-am

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What:  Draw your own puppy karts, masks, hats, wheels, stickers and items for Clanky Caverns in the Kart Tool in the Deep or on paper. Then, have an adult help you upload your picture to the blog.

When: Starts Fri, 3/20 through the end of the day, Wed, 3/25!

Why:  Everybody loves puppies! We’d love to use some of your favorite puppy creations in the Kingdom! 


P.S. Great job on making the leaderboard smileysheepianporkand funfoxess Woot woot!