In like a lion, out like a lamb . . .


Hi Friends,

In like a lion, out like a lamb . . .  Do you know this saying?

Some say March ends up being cold like winter at first and then changes to be more warm like spring at the end of the month. The beginning of the month is more ferocious like a lion and the end of the month is more gentle like a lamb.

Of course, that’s just a saying and it doesn’t always come true exactly like that.  But I still thought it would be fun to give you lion masks to wear!

March secret code: LION 


P.S. I know, Guys. I’m sorry we had to say goodbye to Gamestar Mechanic.  You know what’s exciting though?  We are making room for some new things we are cooking up!  (See the “What Kids Want” blogposts from this past year or the year before to see if you can figure out what our mechanics are doing behind the scenes 🙂

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P.P.S. Congrats New User and Perhaps353 and oyper888 for being the leaderboard leaders this past week!  I so love seeing who wins top honors each week!