Hearts and Dogs this week!

  • February 15, 2018
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Hi Friends,

I hope you enjoyed our event this week!   Great friends and great fun!  I know so many of you wanted the Heart Glasses Gus gave out, but missed them while you were having fun in your real life!

So, surprise!  Here’s the secret code to get them in the Parts Trailer:  HEARTGLASSES    

Do you know what else happened this week?  There was a really big Dog Show in our country!  screen-shot-2018-02-15-at-10-24-38-am

That’s why a new dog kart is ready for you to craft.  (I’m actually holding the dog you can craft in the picture above.)   Does anybody know what breed (or kind) of dog this is?   What is your favorite kind of dog?


P.S. Help your friends figure out how to craft the new dog kart so you can drive dog karts together!

P.P.S. Happy Chinese New Year!  screen-shot-2017-05-04-at-10-51-42-am (I can’t believe I forgot to say this yesterday.)  Guess what?  It’s the Year of the Dogscreen-shot-2018-02-15-at-10-24-46-am