Happy July 4th, Everybody!


Hi Friends,

This blog is coming a day early in honor of “bum bum bum”screen-shot-2019-02-07-at-4-30-35-pm . . . the Independence Day Holiday!  Are you all set to celebrate July 4th with your friends and family?  I hope you have so much fun! 

To celebrate, Gus is going to continue giving you fun rewards all week.  I gave you the new code, SUMMERISHERE last week.  But this week, I have an even newer code for the holiday. 

This code gets you all kinds of summer fun rewards for your Clanky Caverns!  Here it is:  JULY2019 




P.P.S. Congratulations to Abricot, 10Dawson10 and Coquette for being at the top of the leaderboard last week. Way to go, Guys!  And look. . . we are now able to show you who was really close on the leaderboard. How fun is that?