Grand Finale Extravaganza!

  • December 20, 2017
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Hi Friends,

Welcome to the Ruff Ruffman Event Grand Finale Extravaganza!  Thank you so much for working so hard on all of your karts.  If we didn’t mention you this time, it has nothing to do with how much we liked your design.  There were just so many!  We were so impressed with all of you!

So, here’s how we picked the 4 top winners.

  • Did you solve Ruff’s problem?
  • Did you creatively think through the idea?
  • How was it designed?
  • Does the science make sense?

Challenge #1:  (Freezing)  SECRET CODE: Rufffreeze

Great job to CloudMaster1 (Snow Sucker-upper Freeze Kart) for being so creative in figuring out a way to hold cold air to keep the popsicles frozen. We especially liked how your diagram explained where the cold air and popsicles are stored so other kids can clearly understand.

And now we have a question for you!  How does the air remain cold in the summer when it is hot outside?  What does the the kart do to get the air cold enough to freeze the popsicles then?  Does anyone on the blog have a good idea about how this could be done?

Honorable Mentionsscreen-shot-2017-05-04-at-10-51-42-am:

  1. Starcheer – Energy-saving bike with a freezer
  2. Sumairu123 – Mini-freezer with thermometer
  3. unicone09– Ice cube flap door idea that includes a key!
  4. bianca36224 – Cool freezer idea with magnet letters


Challenge 2: (Waterproofing)  SECRET CODE: Ruffwaterproof

Great job to katy5233 (The Stay Dry Waterproof Kart)! This design combined all waterproof items (shower curtain, rubber wheels and a water bottle into an original concept. We especially liked how there are labels to explain the picture.)


Honorable Mentionsscreen-shot-2017-05-04-at-10-51-42-am:

  1. Goldensky – Metal kart with rubber wheels and umbrella
  2. KatieYOLO – Glass kart with bucket and ladybug umbrella
  3. samtheman123973– Raft kart with shower curtain umbrella
  4. ponypie – Raincoat kart and rain hat


Challenge #3: (Stability)  SECRET CODE: Ruffstable


Great job to Becca2nd (The Trapezoid Stable Kart)! This design is simple and solid. The trapezoid shape with the weights on each side creates a solid base to keep this kart balanced.

Honorable Mentionsscreen-shot-2017-05-04-at-10-51-42-am:

  1. artsy12345 and KatieYOLO– Well built and stable brick karts
  2. luam667 – Simple solid kart with well-written description!
  3. elks447– Well-done cone kart with wide base
  4. aquino123456 – 6 wheeled kart with center balance (3 wheels on each side)


Challenge 4: (Friction)  SECRET CODE: Rufffriction

Great job to Tortuga650 (Gravel shooter Kart) for figuring out that shooting gravel on ice can make it easier to move across it because it adds roughness to the surface. We also liked how the rocket booster can propel the kart to go faster.

Congratulations to Eggzact (Heated Spike Wheels) for creating wheels that have metal spikes and rubber to grip the ice. The metal spikes heat up to make little ice holes so the wheels grip the ice better.


Honorable Mentionsscreen-shot-2017-05-04-at-10-51-42-am:

  1. Ravenslyther – Polar bear inspired wheels
  2. Vivie9 – Iceskate inspired Feet Wheels
  3. Brianna13568 – Mechanical arm along with ski mechanic
  4. samtheman123973 – Snowmobile concept with ski and wheel


P.S.  Don’t forget to get your new karts by using secret codes in the Parts Trailer and take pictures in Kart Kingdom!  The secret codes are: Rufffreeze, Ruffwaterproof, Ruffstable, Rufffriction.